Carolyn Jones talks “The American Nurse” with Katie Couric

“Anyone who spends time in a hospital dealing with illness realizes very quickly how incredibly important those nurses are, how hard they work and how underappreciated they are.”


MetroFocus interview with Carolyn Jones and hospice nurse, Diane Ryan.

“I started off thinking we have a social responsibility as members of society to know when our card is up, to know when it is time to stop the next treatment or the next procedure. And I discovered over and over that that moment doesn’t come, the will to live is an amazing thing.”


PBS NewsHour | “Portraits of Compassion”

“Photographer Carolyn Jones spent the last two years profiling changes in the health care system and the compassion of those on the front lines. She speaks with Hari Sreenivasan about her new book, “The American Nurse,” and how the profession is evolving with the health care industry.”


‘Defining Hope’: Film Review, Hollywood Reporter

“A clear-eyed and compassionate conversation starter.”


Conversations | Director Carolyn Jones on “Defining Hope”, New York Foundation for the Arts

“Almost all of us will have decisions to make or be made for us—the best thing we can do is let someone know what makes life worth living to us personally.”


‘The American Nurse’ featured in The New York Times

“When a book is heavy with glossy photographs, you seldom expect too much from its words. In “The American Nurse,” though, it’s the narrative that hits you in the solar plexus.”


‘Warriors’ of American nursing get their due in portraits and interviews | The Washington Post

“I expected warriors out there, and in a way that’s what I found — just not the way I expected,” Jones said. “Nurses do fight to care for us, in spite of ourselves, in spite of the obstacles in their way. And they fix us, and when they can no longer fix us, they make sure that we are comfortable and that our time leaving this earth is as rich as it is entering.”


Nurses get a flattering close-up in photo book | USA Today

“What started as a corporate public relations project became a gritty portrait of nursing as it is practiced in 2012 – not just in emergency rooms and maternity wards, but in prisons, on helicopters, on city streets and in rural homes.”


‘Living Proof’ featured in American Photo Magazine