Carolyn Jones
  • Mark Ridley
    Mark is technology director for that helps people find very often, their first job in the UK. Mark feels honored that he’s making a profound impact on his country, one job at a time.
  • Dr. Shin Miyakawa
    Dr. Miyakawa is a Director at NTT Communications Corporation in Tokyo, Japan. His name “Shin” means progress. He grew up being inspired by and listening to techno-pop music and his life is dedicated to internet technology.
  • Ogochukwu Ifeanyi Frank
    Ogochukwu is the ICT Manager at the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency. Despite living in different parts of Nigeria and experiencing the strong tribal allegiances, Ogochukwu says, “I see everyone as one.”
  • Salvatore Ansani, Diego Fasano and Generoso Mantello
    These three men are the programming team for Connexxa Inc. in Cantanzaro, Italy and believe the internet is the common language of the future.
  • Rami Malkawi
    Rami is an IT Manager at the Arab Potash Company in Amman, Jordan. Rami’s greatest hope is that technology will help empower those in need. “I wish we all worked with technology, only using it for good things, to add value to our lives and to our children’s lives.”